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Study in Britain - Design Educational Programs in the UK
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Program Development Services

The opportunity for faculty and professionals in study abroad to design their own programs in Britain is now available by a variety of service providers. Assistance in finding housing, facilities, staff and general program development. These service providers listed below can help:

The Foundation for International Education
The Foundation for International Education - Faculty-led Programs in London
Acorn - London Specialists in Study Abroad
Anglo American Educational Services: Faculty - Led Programs in the UK and Europe

The Foundation for International Education
The Foundation for International Education, a not-for-profit service provider located in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, specializes in custom-designed study or internship programs for a quarter, semester or summer. There has never been a more exciting time to live and study in London.

With a custom-designed program, Foundation reflects your U.S. institution's philosophy regarding the kind of academic and logistical support you require. Academic and non-academic support is manifested in the following program components:

The Foundation for International Education strives to combine highly professional management systems, a flexible and responsive organizational style and contemporary facilities that provide only the highest standard in program support services. Foundation programs and services are built first to this standard, and then resources are organized to deliver that standard at an affordable price.

For further information contact:
Erika Richards: erichards@fie.org.uk
Director of Program Development - (781) 631-6153

The Foundation for International Education - Faculty-led Programs in London:
Faculty-led programs have a number of important benefits of which include faculty development, the opportunity to integrate study abroad experience into the home curriculum, and the capacity to generate enthusiasm for international education on campus.

There are, also, potentially significant risks and problems that FIE can resolve for U.S. institutions considering study abroad in London. The benefits of working with FIE are not limited simply to risk-avoidance, however. FIE does create a plethora of opportunities available to faculty that cannot be easily identified from the U.S.A.

For further information contact:
Erika Richards: erichards@fie.org.uk
Director of Program Development - (781) 631-6153

ACORN - London Specialists in Study Abroad

ACORN was conceived in 1988 out of the concern by parents of US study abroad students whose offspring had experienced problems with regard to student housing and welfare whilst staying in London. Since then, we have expanded to offer all the services needed to help study abroad programs offer a quality learning experience to students and a fulfilling teaching experience for faculty. There are currently over seventy universities using our services, sending around 4,000 students to us each year.

Educational Services

We offer tailor-made integrated solutions for all Study Abroad Programs, providing academic and support services to universities, faculty, alumni and high schools including:

Course Support Services

We appreciate accompanying faculties desire for peace of mind in order to focus on teaching and the academic quality of the program. Some of the services we can offer you during your stay in London are:

For more information about our the housing we offer, click here.

For more information please contact us at: info@acorn-london.co.uk or visit our website.

We have the experience, contacts and creativity to integrate London's exciting resources into your course!

Acorn - London Specialists in Study Abroad
Sutherland House, 70-78, West Hendon Broadway
London NW9 7BT
tel: 00 44 (0)20 8202 3311
fax: 00 44 (0)20 8202 6797

Anglo American Educational Services: Faculty - Led Programs in the UK and Europe

Since 1972, Anglo-American has been a leader in assisting US educational institutions to expand and bolster their study-abroad programs in the UK and Europe. The company offers a variety of services, both academic and logistical, beyond the provision of accommodations. Services are provided to meet the specific needs and objectives of a college's academic program. The staff has extensive knowledge of the British and European academic systems, business / industry, government agencies and culture.

The growth of study-abroad programs has led to an expansion of the educational services provided by Anglo-American. The company specializes in:

The above programs are all provided the following support services:

Anglo American takes great pride in organizing affordable high quality tailor made programs that meet the needs of students and faculty. Currently the company provides support services to over 100 US colleges and universities. For over 30 years Anglo-American has assisted colleges and universities in developing tailor made faculty-led short-term programs to the UK and Europe. Currently Anglo American provides high quality logistical support in the following cities:


These programs run from one to eight weeks during the summer, January or spring vacation and are custom designed to meet the academic needs and objectives of specific courses. Programs consist of lectures by academicians, professional practitioners, government officials and business leaders. A unique feature is the opportunity to incorporate field trips to companies, organizations and agencies related to the course. Cultural and social events, which allow students the chance to experience the magnificent amenities each country has to offer are included.

Examples of short-term programs that have recently been organized include the following:

Criminal Justice
Health Care
Public Relations
Sport Management

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