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UK Student Insurance Information


Cultural Insurance Services International
T.W. Lord & Associates

Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI)

CISI...the experience to insure your cultural experience.

Your study abroad trip should be safe, rewarding, and enjoyable.  CISI has more than 30 years experience insuring American study aboard participants.  Our study abroad plans include coverage for accidents, sicknesses, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of remains, accidental death, 24/7 travel assistance and optional baggage, family reunion and zero deductible coverages.

Enroll online today and receive your insurance materials within minutes by clicking on the CISI banner (just above) or by visiting our website at www.culturalinsurance.com. Groups may contact Margot Popowycz at mpopowycz@aifs.com for a free quote.

Cultural Insurance Services international
River Plaza, 9 West Broad Street
Stamford, CT 06902-3788
Toll free: (800) 303-8120  x5136
Phone:  203-399-5136
Fax:  203-399-5596


T.W. LORD & ASSOCIATES International Benefits Division services the educational community with products and services that are tailored for the university, international scholar and faculty involved in international student exchange.

Some current and/or past institutions T.W. Lord & Associates have worked with:

Here is an example of a policy they tailored for Ohio State:


All International Scholars actively engaged in education or educational research at Select Midwestern Universities are eligible to be insured under this plan. Information about this plan is available by contacting T.W. Lord & Associates at 1-800-633-2360 or by visiting your University’s International Scholar Office.

Contact Tom Lord or one of his staff for more information!

T.W. Lord & Associates
International Benefits Division

International Student Insurance

When you plan on studying abroad, it is extremely important that you have the right health and travel insurance in place to protect you in case something happens. With InternationalStudentInsurance.com you can choose from world class study abroad and international health and travel insurance plans to suit every need - from short term coverage from as little as 5 days, right up to longer term annual coverage.

To find out more please visit our website at:

or email us at: