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Study in Britain and Ireland - Using Mobile Phones in the UK
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Using a Mobile Phone in the UK

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Cell phones in the UK: The good, the bad and the cheap
Some countries drive on the other side of the road. Some countries use different TV systems (remember this when buying videos and DVDs internationally). And, unfortunately, most countries, including the United Kingdom use a different type of cell phone service, too.

What type cell phone do I need for the UK (and why!)?
Just so you know the names, in the US our cell phone service is most likely to be the CDMA type (Verizon and Sprint), or perhaps TDMA or even iDEN (Nextel) or AMPS (you don’t want to know what these acronyms stand for and you don’t need to know).

Internationally, most countries (England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland are no exception) – more than 205 at last count - use GSM wireless service. So if you plan to go travel in Great Britain and want the convenience of carrying a cellular phone, then you’re going to need a GSM cell phone.

Can I rent a cell phone for Great Britain?
GSM cell phones can be rented for typically $29-$59/week with per minute charges ranging from $1.50-$5/minute, for incoming and outgoing calls. If you travel infrequently (once every 2 years) and your stay is less then a week then this may be the best option even with the outrageous per minute costs. With most study abroad programs lasting 3-months or longer this is usually not the most economical solution.

Will my US cell phone work in the UK?
T-Mobile and Cingular operate GSM networks in the United States and as a subscriber on one of these networks you may already have a GSM world phone. In this case you can simply take your current phone overseas and start calling. However be advised that while roaming in another country you can expect to pay $1 to $5/minute in roaming surcharges for all of your calls. These charges can add up especially when you use your phone abroad as much as you do at home.

How can I travel to the UK with a cell phone on the cheap?
To really use a cell phone abroad like you do at home and not need the salary of an investment banker, you will want to purchase your own GSM cell phone and a local UK prepaid SIM card for use in England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland (the same SIM will work throughout the UK). Unlike typical cell phones in the US, GSM world cell phones do not come with phone numbers programmed into them and the actual service is not even tied to the phone itself. Instead customers activate their mobile phones by popping in so-called SIM cards, little thumbnail sized devices that determine your cell phone number and any additional services like voicemail.

With a local UK prepaid SIM card you get a local phone number, pay 25 cents/minute for local calls and ONLY 37 cents/minute to the US. Best of all, your incoming calls are FREE, regardless of where they originate, even from the US. The SIM cards for the UK can be purchased before you leave. They cost about $40 and include some starter credit (remember: your incoming calls are always free) and can be ‘topped-up’ with additional airtime in the UK at most newsstands and convenience stores.

Swapping out the SIM cards (they usually snap or slide into the back of the GSM phone – no engineering degree required) is a snap, literally and as they are prepaid you never have a monthly bill, or contract.

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