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Study in Britain and Ireland - Work in Northern Ireland ot the Ireland Republic
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Work In Northern Ireland

Work in Britain
- BUNAC Work in Britain

One of the most difficult elements of studying and traveling abroad is simply being able to afford it - much of the time, visa and work regulations in the host country simply do not allow for students to work legally. Things are different for students on a special program administered by BUNAC, the British Universities North America Club. Through BUNAC’s Work in Britain program, you can become a part of everyday British life and experience first-hand Britain’s amazing blend of old and new cultures. As a program participant, you are able to take almost any type of job, anywhere in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for just a summer or up to six months. Using program leads or personal contacts, participants work in a wide variety of jobs including career-related or study-related positions ranging from bartender to banker, office temp to theater usher.


To apply to Work in Britain you must currently be at least 18 years old and a US citizen holding a US passport or a permanent resident/Green Card holder. You must also be a full-time student taking at least 8 credit hours, matriculated towards a degree at an accredited US or Canadian University and you must enter Britain to begin the program within one semester of your last period of full-time study – the ‘semester of eligibility’.

It is your responsibility to obtain a valid US passport.

For further eligibility details, please visit our website here: http://www.bunac.org/USA/workinbritain/eligibility.aspx

Please visit our website at http://www.bunac.org/usa or call 1-800-462-8622 for more information and to request a brochure and application.