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Irish Educational System

There are seven universities in the Republic of Ireland and two in Northern Ireland.

Universities offer degrees at Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate levels and undergraduate and postgraduate diplomas over a full range of disciplines. In addition research is undertaken in many areas and the universities are also involved in continuing and distance education programmes.

Teaching at undergraduate level is normally by way of a programme of lectures supplemented by tutorials and, where appropriate, practical demonstrations and laboratory work.

Masters degrees are usually taken by coursework, research work or a combination of both.

Doctoral degrees are awarded on the basis of research.

Universities award their own degrees using external examiners to ensure consistency of standards. There is also a Higher Education Authority (HEA) which oversees the work of the universities on behalf of the Department of Education and Science.

The Higher Education Authority is the body responsible for funding the universities and other third-level education institutions, and it has an advisory role in relation to the whole higher education sector. It is the Irish partner for the third-level aspects of the EU-funded SOCRATES Programme, and acts as Ireland's National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC).

Higher Education Authority (HEA)
Marine House
Clanwilliam Court
Dublin 2
Tel: +353-1-661 2748
Fax: +353-1-661 0492

The International Education Board Ireland provides information on education opportunities in Ireland. Their website is an easy to use entry point for finding out about education in Ireland. The IEBI's remit is to facilitate and support the development of Ireland as an international education centre.

International Education Board Ireland (IEBI)
IPC House
35 - 39 Shelbourne Road
Dublin 4
Tel: +353-1-614 4836
Fax: +353-1-614 4839
E-mail: enquiries@iebi.ie

An important group of organisations involved in post-secondary education sector in Ireland are the newly-established National Qualifications Authority of Ireland (NQAI) along with HETAC (Higher Education and Training Awards Council) and FETAC (Further Education and Training Awards Council).

For those interested in seeking entry to higher education, the most relevant body is:
Higher Education and Training Awards Council
26 Mountjoy Square, Dublin 1
Phone: + 353-1-855 6526
Fax: + 353-1- 855 4250

Source: International Education Board Ireland http://www.educationireland.ie/