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Application Process

How do I apply for higher education courses in Ireland?
EU students should apply for full-time undergraduate courses at Irish universities/ higher education institutions through the Central Application Office (CAO). The CAO provides an applications pack with a handbook which lists all the courses on offer and gives information on how to apply. The CAO may be contacted at:

Central Applications Office
Tower House
Eglington Street
Tel: +353 91 509800
Fax: +353 91 562344
Website: http://www.cao.ie
Email: help@cao.ie

The closing date for CAO applications from E.U. nationals is the 1st February 2004. It is, however, possible to apply up to 1st May 2004 if you pay a late application fee. Details of this are available on the CAO website.

Most higher education institutions prefer non-EU students to apply direct to them instead of through the CAO. You should contact the International Office or the Admissions Office of the higher education institute (HEI) in which you are interested, to enquire whether you should apply through the CAO or direct to the HEI.

For admission to all postgraduate programmes in Ireland, you should apply directly to the Graduate Studies Office at the institutions of your choice. A list of the institutions can be found here.

What is the closing date for applications through the CAO system and for postgraduate degrees?
For undergraduate degrees administered through the Central Applications Office, the closing dates for applications for entry in academic year 2004 / 2005 are as follows:

Standard Application: Feb 1, 2004
Standard Application Late Entry: May 1, 2004
Non-Standard Application: Dec 15, 2003
Non-Standard Application: May 1, 2004
Change of mind: Jul 1, 2004

Please see www.cao.ie for definitions of standard and non-standard applications.

For postgraduate degree courses, there is no standard application date. The closing dates for applications generally fall between March and June of the year of proposed entry. You should contact the relevant institution for more details.

Source: International Education Board Ireland http://www.educationireland.ie/