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2005 Advertising Rates for

Universities and Institutions: Service Providers: General Information:

To discuss how Study-in-Ireland.Com can help market your programmes, contact:

Director of Marketing and Sales
c/o LLC
600 Laurel Ave.
Highland Park, IL 60035 USA

Tel: 1 (847) 748-9005 or Fax: 1 (847) 433-7059

All prices are in U.S. dollars. All promotion and sponsorship shall be for a period of twelve months renewable automatically unless prior written notice is given. Billing is on an annual basis unless specific payment arrangements are requested.

Programme Listings:

Place a listing in our searchable directory of programs. If a search matches your program information, your program listing will appear in an alphabetical list of search results. Each listing then links to a details page describing the program you offer, and students may complete an enquiry form that will automatically be emailed to you or they can go directly to your site. All subscriptions are for 12 months, renewable annually.

Basic Listing
  A Basic Listing will link to a details page that outlines your program, costs, description and contact information. Listings appear in alphabetical order.

$180 per year

Featured Listing
  A Featured Listing is a Basic Listing that appears at the top of a search results page, highlighted in red. Therefore, your listing will be seen before the other listings appear in alphabetical order. It is advantageous to select this type of listing due to the fact that many students may not venture past a few pages of a multiple page search result.

$240 per year

Monthly Homepage Featured Listing:

Showcase and target your programmes to students via a MONTHLY campaign- choose your months- secure your placement- first come, first serve! There is only one featured listing on the homepage which directly links in to your "view details" page as well as provides for a "request a catalogue or prosepctus" hotbutton and a link to all of your programme listings available. You may have up to three campus/student photos uploaded (submit as many to us as you like for consideration). This is a great return on your investment for your programme! Pricing is on a monthly basis, August - April spots are priced at $450, and May - July spots are priced at $225. Click Here to see our current featured listing.

Month: Cost: Month: Cost:

If you are interested in securing specific months within future calendar years- please contact the Director of Marketing and Sales directly.

Scholarship Listings:

Attract International Students and market your institution by highlighting your available Bursaries and Scholarships. The listings are located under the topic of Funding / Scholarships on the Left Hand Navigational Bar and are highlighted in white with the title Institutional Scholarships (click here to review listings).

Basic Scholarship Listing
  A Basic Listing provides information (who for, when, where, eligibility, how much, which modules and a more info contact link). Included with the listing is 144x50 pixel Minibanner that can be hyperlinked to your website or scholarship information page. Listings appear in order of purchase.

$120 per year

Featured Scholarship Listing
  A Featured Listing is in the Basic Listing format and appears at the top of the listings (in order of purchase) and is highlighted by allowing a 468x60 pixel full banner in place of the Minibanner included in the basic listing.

$180 per year

Homepage Minibanner / Emerald Package:          Limited Availability

ONLY (12) Emerald Packages are available on the Study-in-Ireland.Com Homepage! This is the highest level of exposure you can ask for. Everyone who visits the website will see your ad. And once these spots are gone…they’re GONE! We know that there will be a waitlist for these as many have already been sold to clients. Those clients will always have the first right of renewal so it is an excellent way of getting your name out on the most highly trafficked page while keeping the competition from getting one of these highly sought-after positions.

(1) Minibanner on the Homepage – one of twelve MAXIMUM
(1) Monthly Homepage Featured Listing See info here.
(4) Basic listings
(24) Minibanners
(Clients with more listings, contact Director of Marketing)

$200 per month

Full Banners:

Get the most exposure by placing a Full Banner (468x60 pixel graphic that links directly to your website) on one of our search results pages. There is only one Full Banner per page and your impression area is much larger than a minibanner.

Homepage Full Banner:
Secure the top ‘real-estate’ placement on the entire site. Your organisation’s visibility will be stellar and seen by all who visit the site. Great value and return on investment. This position offers only one placement and therefore is very limited. If you are interested in being wait-listed, please e-mail the Director of Marketing and Sales to express your interest and find out about availability.

$150 per month

Search Results Page Full Banner:
There are 2 search criteria that students use to search our online database:

Programme Type: (Summer/Short Term, Semester/Year, Winter Intersession, Internships, High School, ESL/TEFL, Work, Volunteer, Undergraduate Full Degree, Masters Full Degree, Ph.D. / Research).
Subject: (Click Here for a Complete List).

Any One (1) Search Criterion (e.g. Internships) = $60 per month
Any Two (2) Search Criteria (e.g. Internships/ Accounting) = $40 per month

Newsletter Sponsorship:

Our newsletter is emailed to 7,000+ opt-in subscribers who are specifically interested in studying and traveling to the UK and Ireland. Target your message to interested students for only $250 per newsletter. Sponsorship includes a 200-word description and a Logo/Mini Banner (144 x 50 pixels) linked to your program listing or website. Book your space early to get the best placement (near the top) on the page because these limited spots fill up quickly. Significant discounts apply for multiple issue placement.

$250 per newsletter

Global Marketplace:

Place a classified ad (logo and 20 word write up) in this section on the homepage for products and services relating to study, work and travel in Ireland. Placement is on our homepage so you will be guaranteed excellent viewership. Homepage placement on website is for 12 months.

$695 per year

Left Hand Navigation Bar Links: (For service providers)

Links from the left hand navigation bar (see examples below) allow visitors to click through to an information page highlighting services related to study abroad. The ‘navbar’ does not leave the viewer’s window. You may add a write-up about your service/product to appear within a general category from the table below.

  Tourism Boards  
  Public Transportation  
  Car Rental  
  Calling Abroad/Home  
  Travel Gear  
  Safety Abroad  

*We are looking for new partners in all areas related to study in Ireland. If you have a service that you would like to link, contact us.

  • Minibanner with Text Description:

  • Minibanner with a short text description of the product or service will be placed on the appropriate page and will include Email links. Placements are in descending order of purchase and are for 12 months.

$35 per month

  • Full Banner - Increase your exposure:

  • Only one Full Banner will be placed at the top of each page for a period of twelve months. Secure this spot which is above the table of contents. See Example.

$40 per month

Recruit Students at 50 U.S. Universities & Study Abroad Fairs:

Showcase your programs at 50 study abroad fairs across the U.S. during the academic year. Get your catalogue or prospectus directly into the hands of actively interested students. We will give you detailed contact/ follow-up information on several thousand students that we personally talk to about your programs. We will poster and supply each school with your materials after the fair. Save thousands by sharing a table with just five institutions. You get all the benefits at a fraction of the cost of exhibiting yourself. A Study-in-Ireland.Com representative will promote your programs and hand out your literature. Each client briefs the representative on the highlights that will sell your program.Contact us for details and a roster of schools.

$7,995 per year
($160 per school / 50 schools)

How Study-in-Ireland.Com is marketed

Sister Site of StudyinBritain.Com:

StudyinBritain was launched in 2001, and has since grown to be one of the most popular search engines to find Study Abroad and Full-Degree programs in the UK and Ireland. We decided to launch Study-in-Ireland as its own site so as to clarify the difference between Britain and Ireland to prospective students. Information can still be found on Irish programs from the SIB site giving your programs double the exposure to the student seeking to go abroad.

Search Engines:

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important parts of getting found on the internet. That is why we routinely work to optimize our site, and submit it to many search engines. Using the proper Metatags and Keywords, we constantly work to position our site at the top of the major search engines and subsequently give your organization or university better exposure.

Recruitment Fairs and Campus Visits:

We attend study abroad fairs across the nation and make individual campus visits to increase awareness both among students and advisors on U.S. College campuses.

Campus Postering:

We poster college campuses across the nation to increase awareness among students.

Cooperative Agreements:

Key Cooperative agreements with sites related to study and travel in Ireland are being established to enhance the exposure of the website.

Direct Mail Campaign:

We are targeting study abroad advisors to increase awareness and usage of the site.

Display Advertising:

We have taken out ads in publications and magazines that are related to the field of international education. (e.g. The International Educator, Nafsa Newsletter)

We hope that you will consider promotion with us.

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