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Swansea University is offering over 100 Scholarships to International Postgraduate students who enrol on any postgraduate course in 2005-06. Not only that but any student from a non-European Union country who has studied abroad at Swansea as an exchange or visiting student is eligible to apply for Swansea’s Postgraduate package deal, which can lead to tremendous savings in tuition and housing. Here’s the link to Swansea’s Scholarships page:

A significant number of Swansea’s graduate courses are interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary. Combining two or more subjects gives students greater career flexibility. Swansea is one of five European partners in the recently launched Erasmus Mundus Masters in Journalism and Media with Globalization. For students, the opportunity to attend more than one institution offers tremendous flexibility, breadth of experience and adaptability.

Among the Masters available to students Swansea has Ancient Egyptian Culture, Early Childhood Studies, Comparative Journalism, Creative Writing, International Relations, and many more. Visit our Postgraduate pages to see the full range:

If you would like further information about Swansea, please contact:
Emma Frearson
International Office
University of Wales Swansea
tel. +44.1792.295135

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BUNAC offers American students and recent graduates the opportunity of a lifetime to work in Britain for up to six months. Working abroad is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the British lifestyle and culture, while gaining valuable international work experience. Britain is also an excellent base from which to explore the rest of Europe, and the money you earn from working can help to fund your travels!

The Work in Britain program offers a six-month work permit, as well as full support pre-departure and in our offices in London and Edinburgh. Upon arrival, you will have access to career resources, such as employment databases and an orientation session that covers job-related issues, as well as accommodation listings and social programs. BUNAC then gives you the independence to pursue nearly any job, anywhere within the United Kingdom. Whether you work at an office in London or a hotel in the Scottish Highlands, it will undoubtedly be an experience to remember.

It’s not too late to Work in Britain this summer! Call us at 1-800-462-8622 or visit for more information and to request a brochure and application.

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The Official Wales Tourist Board

BBC: Wales

Lonely Planet's Wales Guide

Guide to the Welsh Language

A History of Wales by John Davies

Davies, a teacher in Cardiff, has not only taken cognizance of, and fluidly applied, the new tools history avails itself of--such as economics and archaeology--he first wrote his history in Welsh. His tremendous exertion was something new that the readers of Wales recognized, and they made it a best-seller there. Davies unearths the evidence of prehistoric hill forts and Roman ruins; he delineates the feudal wars, the 1536 union with England and the ensuing Reformation; and he explains the transformations of the Industrial Revolution. Accurate in all details, using meaningful modern maps, balanced where doubts exist, this impressive history could be criticized as a labor of patriotic love, if not for the visibly high professional standard to which Davies adheres. Nothing even remotely as accomplished has been written about Wales since 1950. And, for a few future decades, don't expect a vessel this sturdy to pass by.

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