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Study in Britain & Ireland is the premier online source for Study Abroad and Full Degree programs in the United Kingdom and Ireland. We have hundreds of institutions offering thousands of programs in our easy-to-use searchable database. No registration is required to use the site! Find the perfect program at and use our Catalogue Request service as many times as you like. See below for more information.

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Enjoy an unforgettable summer at the world-renowned University of Cambridge. Study for between ten days and six weeks in surroundings that have inspired generations of scientists, authors, politicians, scholars, actors and explorers. Choose from over 150 courses in a wide variety of disciplines. Specialist Summer Schools in Art History, History, English Literature, Medieval Studies, Science and Shakespeare allow you to focus closely on these fields, while two multi-disciplinary Summer School programmes, Term I and Term II, enable you to select courses from a variety of subject areas to suit your own interests.

All courses are taught by leading experts in their field, from Cambridge University and beyond. The Summer Schools are open to participants over the age of 18 from any background. Participants have the opportunity to stay in one of the Cambridge Colleges, take advantage of a full programme of evening events, spend weekends visiting UK places of interest such as Windsor, Warwick and London, explore the beautiful and historic city of Cambridge and make new friends from around the world.

See our website and contact us for further details and a summer you will remember forever!

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With more than 31 years experience and thousands of satisfied customers, no one knows Europe like us. Topdeck vacations are especially for people aged 18 to 30 something, so you know youíll be traveling with like-minded adventurers.

Europe is amazing, a feast for the senses. With so many famous sights, sounds, tastes and cultural experiences out there, it is important that you choose an operator you can trust. Thatís where the Topdeck winning formula comes in.
  1. Destination. See the real Europe, not just the famous bits.
  2. More meals per day included than any other operators.
  3. Accommodation in typically European style places, with a local flavor and atmosphere.
  4. Our team of fun, charismatic, passionate individuals are there to bring Europe to life for you.
  5. We encourage individuality & natural fun to evolve on tour.
  6. Plenty more free time. We won't over organize your precious time in Europe.
  7. The best value price for your money.
Providing holidays of a lifetime for young people

Click here, for further information and a chance to win a free tour to Oktoberfest in Munich.

The Official Northern Ireland Tourist Board

Belfast Net, News, Information, and Tourism in Belfast

Lonely Planet's Belfast Guide

Biotechnology in Northern Ireland

Silver Linings: Travels Around Northern Ireland by Martin Fletcher

For three decades, Northern Ireland has made international headlines. The province has become synonymous with conflict, terrorism, and tortuous efforts to forge peace. But what is life there really like? In this enchantingly original book, Martin Fletcher presents a portrait of Northern Ireland that is utterly at odds with its dire image. He paints a compelling picture of a place caught in a time warp since the 1960s; a land of mountains, lakes and rivers where customs, traditions and old-world charm survive; a place that has given the world not just bombs and bullets but the Titanic, the tire, and the tractor, a dozen American presidents, two prime ministers of New Zealand, and a Hindu god. He gives us an intelligent, fun-loving, God-fearing people who may do terrible things to each other but who could not be more welcoming to outsiders. He describes a land of awful beauty, a battleground of good and evil, a province populated by saints and sinners that has yet to be rendered bland by the forces of modernity. A witty, warm, and revealing travel book.

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