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Ever thought about spending part of your student career in Scotland? The University of Aberdeen is hosting an on-line chat for students just like you. This is your chance to chat to admissions staff and current students from the US who are studying in Aberdeen right now. The chat will be held on Tuesday, November 30 from 7:00PM ET to 8:15PM ET and we really hope that you can make it. Just click on the chat icon at to take part.

The University of Aberdeen is over 500 years old and has been welcoming students from the US for four decades. You can come for the full year or a semester and we offer courses that will fit in with your programmes at home at no extra fee. All new students are guaranteed accommodation so don’t worry about finding a place to stay or meeting people. With over 13000 students, many from overseas, student-friendly Aberdeen is big enough for the 'big city' experience, but is still small enough to make it easy to find your way around and make friends. If you want to talk to someone about Study Abroad or the University of Aberdeen in general then e-mail Jacquie Rorie at

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The University of Strathclyde in Glasgow with over 13000 students is Scotland’s third largest university. Students can choose from an extensive range of courses from one of our five faculties: Law; Arts & Social Sciences; Education; Science; Engineering and Business. You will normally take two-thirds of your courses in one of these Faculties and admission to the University will be via this Faculty.

Applying as a visiting student:
Strathclyde blends tradition with a dynamic, progressive approach to teaching and learning. Many students from abroad take undergraduate classes for one year or a semester. These students are known as visiting (non-graduating) or junior year abroad students. While here, visiting students are treated as full-time students. They undertake all aspects of the work which constitutes their classes and take the same assessment as home students.

Strathclyde has its own campus village, right in the heart of the city. Over 1,440 students live there and a further 500 live in University accommodation within close walking distance, much of it in the fashionable Merchant City. All students have access to an advanced computer and information network 24 hours a day and every study bedroom has network access.

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Our staff will arrange an internship for you in any field, in any city in the U.K. or Ireland.

Gain experience while learning in Britain or Ireland during the summer. March 1st is the deadline for application so don't delay. Visit our website for more details or call our U.S. office at (413)323-5488 or Toll Free at (866)788-3985 or e-mail

SCOTTISH CULTURE this is the official Scottish Tourist Board website.

What is Curling? It is not a iron for your hair, but alas a sport that was invented in Scotland- check it out.

So what would you do in Scotland? Plenty - Castles, museums, the mystery of Loch Ness and Tattoo.

For sports there is which is a good portal into finding out about just about every sport ever invented. Soccer fans can try There is also for golf enthusiasts and the site gives a good guide to the top courses in the country including the most famous in the world, St Andrews' Old Course.


Where in the world is ………??? How well do you know Capitals, Geography of Cultures and Continents around the World? Test your Global Knowledge. Do it with a friend. Impress your Professors. Go on, give it a go!


“Teaching our students about the world beyond the United States and encouraging them to travel abroad, allows them to find the common humanity that binds all world citizens. When we form meaningful relationships with our friends around the world, we can work together and cooperate with one another to eliminate ignorance, hatred, and violence. It takes courage and conviction to step into a culture that is different from ours, and to immerse ourselves in languages and traditions that are unfamiliar to us. Now we must continue to break down barriers and stereotypes to learn about the world around us. In this new millennium, we truly live in an interconnected world. Although we have made great strides forward, we do our students a great disservice if we do not prepare them for a global environment by encouraging them to study foreign languages and cultures.”

- Rod Paige
  U.S. Secretary of Education
  October 27, 2004

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