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What am I looking for in a University and my study abroad experience? Excellent teaching? A great social life? A place where I can feel comfortable? A friendly atmosphere? Exceptional value for money? Well, we can tell you the University of Hull has all of this and more. We may not be in London, but that should not deter you from thinking about studying here. We guarantee you will have just as good a time at Hull and you can visit places of interest (London, York, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Lake District) very easily and cheaply, London is just 2.5 hours away by train and tickets cost students around £25 for a return journey.

The University of Hull has an excellent academic reputation with a variety of programmes and modules on offer. The University is a traditional red brick University, established in 1927, situated in the North of England with two campuses. The main campus is the Hull campus, set amongst 114 acres of land and situated approximately 4 miles out of the city centre and the second campus is in Scarborough (1 hour from Hull and quite Arts based), which is a historic seaside resort on the Yorkshire coast where surfing has become one of the more popular activities. The city of Hull is approximately 2 hours 30 minutes from London, 3 hours from Scotland and just 50 minutes away from the historic city of York. Hull has an airport 25 minutes from the University and is also linked to Europe by a daily ferry sailing to Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

We have a fantastic Students' Union, which has some of the best student facilities in the country and organises an abundance of activities, clubs and concerts during the academic year for all students, integrating international students with UK students. It even has its own nightclub, ‘The Asylum’. There is also an International Student Association based on campus which organises trips around the U.K. and to Europe as well as various social events. Hull has a reputation for being one of the friendliest Universities in the UK and it is a very cheap place to live so students' money goes a lot further than it would at other locations in the UK.

The International Office at the University supports all International students during their stay here and organises a detailed 3 day Orientation at the beginning of each semester to welcome students to the U.K and to Hull. All International students are picked up free of charge if they fly into Manchester Airport on our preferred arrival dates. The office has a Reception which is open throughout the day for general enquiries and also has email access exclusively for International students.

Marianne Bertuletti, Study Abroad student:

“The course modules are really interesting and complement my course. The teachers here are so friendly and willing to help, not to mention the fantastic social scene. I feel I’ve made friends for life.”

Don’t just take her word for it, come and spend one of the best times of your life with us.

Contact: Sue Green
Telephone: 00 44 1482 465952
Fax: 00 44 1482 466554

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England focus:

Interested in studying in Britain, but not sure what to with your free time? Visit Britain offers detailed information about all the citys and travel locations throughout Britain, highlighting special events, historic places, and travel resources.

While studying in England, why not visit some of the many historical places England has to offer:

Hadrian's Wall: Built in 122 A.D. by the Roman Emperor Hadrian, the wall marks the northern most boundary of Roman Britain and was built to hold back the hostile tribes North of the Roman controlled Britain.

Stonehenge: Stonehenge's giant rock structures remain a mystery even today. It dates back to as early as 3,100 B.C. Many historians have guessed at its true purpose. Some say its a gigantic stone calender, others theorize it served as an altar. Its mystery may never be completely revealed, but regardless, it is a colossal structure that can only be truly experienced in person.

Stratford-upon-Avon: Stratford-upon-Avon is one of the most historically significant towns in England. The birthplace of William Shakespeare, Stratford-upon-Avon has many historical sites of interest.


Lynne Bialas, University of Rochester- Psychology major, studied at Birkbeck- University of London in the Fall of ’99.

"Something special happens while travelling and studying abroad. Not only can you experience new cultures which lay at your doorstep but the depth of personal understanding one achieves surpasses one's greatest hopes and expectations. In this unique adventure you learn more about who you are and where you're from than you do from any other experience. Open up the world because there are marvelous surprises that await you. London is a diverse metropolis bringing together ideas from all over the world creating an intellectual stew that is very conducive to learning and growth. Studying at Birkbeck was a new experience that taught me to be self-motivated in my own studies and the value of being involved and excited about what I was learning."


Information to help you prepare for your experience

The Essential Guide for Study Abroad in the United Kingdom

Every year, thousands of students participate in study abroad programs located in the United Kingdom. In this book, Holly Carter provides a guide to help with studying abroad. Designed for student use, this book contains pre-departure information, tips for students in the first two weeks, advice for studying and living in the UK, and information about returning home and readjusting.

Available at For more information Click Here.


The experience of studying abroad is one that most students cherish. Studying abroad provides a student with a new world-view, new friends, and memories to last a lifetime. More pragmatically, students who choose to study in a foreign country enhance their employability and value as prospective employees. In the hyper-competitive marketplace for quality jobs, study abroad experience often serves as the determinate factor in differentiating between qualified candidates. In our increasingly global economy, a person with first-hand experience of diverse cultures will be well-positioned to excel.

So why study abroad in the United Kingdom or Ireland? There are many reasons why Great Britain ought to be your #1 choice as a study abroad destination. The higher education institutions of Britain and Ireland are second-to-none in reputation around the world. Many of the finest universities in the world are concentrated in the British Isles.

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