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Spring into the summer with plans for study abroad. If you are thinking about studying abroad, you are not alone. Universities in the last year found that study abroad participants rose to dramatic numbers, sometimes up 50%! Why? Because studying abroad is becoming part of the "college experience", and the world is demanding well-rounded, independent, global individuals who have gained perspective, worldly skills, fresh ideas and attitudes towards a more global future. This special newsletter sent to you this Spring from CIS-Center for International Studies, is an invitation to study abroad, either this summer or next year.

CIS, the Center for International Studies, is a global, international education organization dedicated to offering safe, challenging and exciting study abroad experiences to students who have, at minimum, a high school diploma (you do not need to be in college or university). Founded in 1991, CIS Worldwide currently sends more than 1300 students abroad annually to eight countries on four continents including Australia, England, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Scotland, Spain, and Sweden.

This Special issue provides quick links and updates for Fall and Summer deadlines. We've included a brief country profiles, links to our affiliate universities and hopefully inspiration to study abroad during your once in a lifetime undergraduate studies. If you are planning to study abroad as a postgraduate, then you may want to check out

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CIS Summer 2005 and Fall 2005 Program Dates and Deadlines.

Australia Study Abroad Programs
Australia offers a wealth of experience including the drama of the outback, the spectacular Great Barrier Reef, cosmopolitan Sydney and some of the best beaches in the world. This country/continent is actually larger in size than the US. With mixes of Aboriginal heritage, European traditions, and Asia and Pacific influences, Australia is a model for cultural diversity.

New Zealand Study Abroad Programs
In addition to its breathtaking scenery, are the people of New Zealand whose reputation for friendliness, strength and independence is renowned. The culture is a magnificent blend of European, Maori and Pacific Island heritages. University education in New Zealand is closer to the British than the American system, and the academic year extends from late February or early March to November with a long summer vacation from mid-November to mid-February.

England Study Abroad Programs
One of the most wonderful attributes of England is its broad appeal to all types of people. If the rush of London is not your liking, then perhaps the countryside with its national and country parks and 600 miles of coastline will be more to your style. The country has always attracted students who are drawn by its varied landscapes, rich history, curious customs and world-recognized education system.

Ireland Study Abroad Programs
It's said that Ireland, once visited, is never forgotten. Although Ireland is home to only five million people, the island's influence in the world far exceeds its size. It is extremely attractive to the young because of the renowned creativity of the Irish in literature, film and popular music. Most importantly for the study abroad students, education is considered the cornerstone of all economic and cultural activity.

Scotland Study Abroad Programs
Few countries in the world can boast a life span as rich or diverse as Scotland. The true story of the people, the battles, the nobility and its kings and queens, is more thrilling than any novel, and has more love stories than any Hollywood movie. In one way or another Scots have made their lives different. From the inventor Alexander Graham Bell, to philosopher David Hume, to industrialist Andrew Carnegie, Scotland's influence on the world is impressive relative to it small geographical stature.

Spain Study Abroad Programs
Spain has a raucous history. While empires have conquered it, it has also conquered. Furthermore, while other countries around the world have influences this country, Spain also has touched deeply the history of the US. Because of its comfortable climate, strong historical and cultural traditions and affordable living, Spain has become a popular destination for students from Europe, the U.S. and around the world.