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Search Results:

College Consortium for International Studies »  Galway


Students may take advantage of the wide variety of courses offered at the University's Faculty of Arts, which includes the following disciplines: Archaeology, Italian, Classical Civilization, Latin, Economics, Legal Science, English, Mathematics, French, Mathematical Physics, Irish Studies, Philosophy, Geography, Psychology, German, Sociological and Political Studies, History, and Spanish. Offerings in the sciences are available to Americans on a ...

College Consortium for International Studies »  Maynooth


The academic focus of the program at Maynooth is divided between required (core) courses and integrated courses. The core courses are designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the development of the Irish society. CCIS students take at least three of the following three-credit core courses: Anglo-Irish Literature, A History of Irish Theater, Political Perspectives on Northern Ireland, The Social Structure of Modern Ireland, and Modern Irish ...

College Consortium for International Studies »  Limerick


The study abroad program at the University of Limerick is designed to meet the learning needs of American and other foreign students. CCIS students may choose from hundreds of fully integrated courses at the University in the following Faculties: College of Humanities, College of Business, College of Engineering and Science, and College of Education. Course offerings are provided well in advance of the semester in order for students to choose fro ...

College Consortium for International Studies »  Greenock


James Watt College helps students satisfy general/liberal education requirements by offering over 200 courses in the following divisions: Business and Management, Communication, Media and Design, Computing and Information Science, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Hospitality Studies, Travel and Tourism, Science, Social Sciences, and European Studies. Students earn up to 15 undergraduate credits for a semester of study, and the program is op ...

College Consortium for International Studies »  Dundee


The University of Dundee offers excellent academic program, with two-thirds of its departments or schools having received "Excellent" or "Highly Satisfactory" teaching quality assessment ratings. The academic calendar is based on the U.S. semester schedule. CCIS students in this program enroll in three courses for fifteen U.S. college credits

College Consortium for International Studies »  Stirling


With 12% of its students coming from overseas and more than seventy nations represented on its campus, the University of Stirling is a truly international institution. It consistently receives high ratings for teaching and research and has over thirty years experience of study abroad. According to the 2001 Sunday Times University Guide, "the University [of Stirling] has consistently been among the very best universities in Scotland." The academic ...

College Consortium for International Studies »  Thames Valley University: Summer


The summer program at Thames Valley University offers CCIS students courses designed to take advantage of the London location. Summer students take the Colloquium on British Culture and then choose from the following electives: Theater in London Art in London Youth in Britain: Adolescent Psychology All courses combine classroom work with field trips to locations such as Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick Castle, Tate Modern and Tate Britain art g ...

College Consortium for International Studies »  Kingston University: Summer


All students take the course "British Culture and Society". It is designed to help students gain optimum benefit from their study abroad experience and become aware of British culture in its many aspects. Lectures are given on various aspects of British life, culture and history followed by excursions to places of special interest including Oxford, Bath, Stonehenge, Greenwich, the National Theatre and Parliament. In addition to the required cours ...

College Consortium for International Studies »  Limerick: Summer


The University of Limerick offers summer study in Irish Studies: Irish Life and Literature, Ireland -- Gateway to Europe, and Between Boston and Berlin. All sessions are three credits. Housing is on campus in Dromoe Village, the newest of UL accommodations villages. Three guided excursions within Ireland are also included in the fee.

College Consortium for International Studies »  Galway: Summer


A 3.0 GPA is required for participation on this program and students earn 6 undergraduate credits for their work at the University. The program is open to juniors and seniors. Students choose between three different tracks: Irish Studies, Irish Language, and International Writers. Courses within each offering cannot be mixed.

College Consortium for International Studies »  Scotland: Summer


Students enroll in two courses for 6 credits: Scottish Politics and Society (3 credits), Scottish History and Culture (3 credits). The courses are enhanced by field trips to the Highlands, Edinburgh, Robert Burns country and architectural sites of Robert Addams and Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Students study the past, present and future of Scotland from a historic, political and cultural perspective. Key political and historical events will be disc ...

Colorado at Boulder, University of »  Seminar International Finance and Business


6 semester credits earned. 25-30 program students make up classes. Orientation required.

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