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Sotheby's Institute of Art »  MA in Fine and Decorative Art


The MA in Fine and Decorative Art is taught from the perspective of an art expert, with attention paid to the history and practice of connoisseurship. Based on Sotheby’s original training scheme, the Works of Art Course, this programme has been offered in London for over forty years; the approach is object-based and often object-specific. Case studies in Old Master paintings, modern art, furniture and ceramics from the Renaissance to the pres ...

Sotheby's Institute of Art »  MA in Photography: Historic & Contemporary


This programme is aimed at those who wish to study in-depth the significance of photography in modern visual culture and to pursue a career as a specialist in photographic imagery and objects. The primary focus of the course is the critical analysis of the ways in which the earliest photographic experiments through to the latest contemporary photographic images have established a significant presence in private collections, public museums, co ...

Sotheby's Institute of Art »  MA in East Asian Art


The art history of China, Japan and Korea from the Neolithic to the present day is the focus of this unique programme, designed for those who wish to become Asian art specialists. The course offers an art historical training in key features and concepts, encouraging students to make cross-cultural links in the art history of East Asia. Teaching focuses on an object-based approach and is organised into three strands: ritual and religious art, ...

Sotheby's Institute of Art »  Foundations In Western Art Semester Course


In this intensive introduction to the study of Western art, students begin their studies with Egyptian antiquities in the British Museum and conclude with contemporary art at Tate Modern. The course covers painting, sculpture, architecture, decorative art and the development of the art market. Additionally, it examines techniques and materials, patronage and the display of collections, religious and political contexts for stylistic developmen ...

Sotheby's Institute of Art »  Arts of Asia Semester Course


This course explores in survey fashion the artistic products of the leading religions and philosophies of Asia, from Islam, Hinduism, Jainism and early Buddhism in India, Southeast Asia and the Islamic World, to Daoism, Confucianism, Shinto and Mahayana Buddhism in China, Korea and Japan. Focusing on sculptural and architectural work, the course offers students introductory yet intensive object-based study. It also provides associated context ...

Sotheby's Institute of Art »  Decorative Art and Design Semester Course


This course provides a comprehensive examination of the development of furniture, ceramics, glass, metalwork and patterns from circa 1695 to the present day. The decorative arts are studied in relation to architecture and interiors, as well as in their wider social and historical context. Topics include the court art of Louis XIV, the development of porcelain at Meissen and Sevres, the influence of trade with the East, and the renewed interes ...

Sotheby's Institute of Art »  Art and Business Semester Course


An introduction to an art world career, this course is designed for those who are interested both in art history and the business practices of the art world. Through lectures and visits to specialist museums and collections throughout the semester, students are introduced to the cultural history of London and the ways in which art has been made, sold and collected. Students choose from a number of art and design historical modules for a perso ...

Southern Mississippi, University of »  British Studies Program


6 credits earned per semester. Class size 12-20 are made up of all program students. Orientation required.

Southern Mississippi, University of »  Irish Studies Program


4 credits earned. Class size 10-12 with all students from program. Orientation required.

Southern Mississippi, University of »  The Edinburgh International Festival


4 credits earned. Class size 10-12 with all students from program. Orientation required.

Southern Mississippi, University of »  Keele University Exchange Program


16-32 credits earned. Orientation required.

St James's Park College »  Diploma in Business Information Systems


The Business Information Systems program provides a professional qualification which may be used to prepare directly for a career in business and IT, to gain advanced entry to study for further professional qualifications or to obtain exemptions on a range of University business courses in the UK and elsewhere.

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