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Stonehill College »  Semester in Irish Studies at University College in Dublin


16 credits earned. Orientation required.

Strathclyde, University of »  Study in Scotland with ISEP


This is a fully integrated program whereby students choose from a wide selection of classes from liberal arts, science, education, engineering or business.

Strathclyde, University of »  University of Strathclyde Semester/Year Program


A full integrated program whereby students choose up to four classes per semester from liberal arts, science, education, engineering or business.

Summer Schools »  Summer Schools - ESL


English courses in the UK - find courses at quality English schools in the UK. Summer and year-round courses at top schools.

Summer Schools »  Summer Schools - drama and dance


Summer Schools is an online directory offering information on performing arts (drama, dance etc.) courses in the UK. Summer courses and courses during the year.

Summer Schools »  Summer Schools - sports courses


Summer Schools is an online directory of courses on sport - football etc. - and other subjects in the UK. Summer schools and year-round courses are available.

Summer Schools »  Summer Schools - music courses


Summer Schools is an online directory of summer and year-round courses in music and other subjects. Large database of quality schools and courses!

Summer Schools »  Summer Schools - art courses


Summer Schools is an online directory of arts and fine arts courses in the UK. Quality schools and courses countrywide. Summer schools and year-round courses. Browse our course and schools lists!

Temple University »  London Seminar in British Mass Media


6 semester credits per term. 15 program students make up class size.

The Arts University College at Bournemouth »  The Arts University College at Bournemouth


Established in 1885, the Arts University College at Bournemouth is an award-winning specialist University sector institution with an international reputation for excellence. The University College is located on the beautiful south coast of England, in the county of Dorset and is only two hours from London. Approximately 3000 full-time students study at the University College on a range of specialist programmes from introductory to degree ...

The Catholic University of America »  Program in Irish Society and Politics


15 credits earned. Unpaid internships. Orientation required.

The International Partnership for Service-Learning and Leadership »  Master's Degree in International Service


The degree is designed to prepare professionals who plan a career delivering social services to communities, including internationally. The International Partnership for Service-Learning initiated the Master's Degree in International Service to meet the needs of service organizations that are expressing the need for trained professionals with the conceptual background for relief and development work combined with grassroots, practical field expe ...

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