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Florida State University »  The Florida State University International Programs - London Broad Cur ...


For over 30 years, FSU has offered students a small liberal arts college atmosphere in the heart of London. Small classes, American and British faculty, an historic setting in the heart of Bloomsbury - the FSU London Study Center is a benchmark program. The facilities comprise a seven building complex registered on the British National Heritage list. Along with the historic architecture, students enjoy comfortable flats, classrooms, a lecture ...

Florida State University »  The Florida State University International Programs - Multi-Media Desi ...


Designed for everyone interested in learning more about Web 2.0 applications, this program offers two classes that are appropriate for graduate students in the College of Information and interested students from other graduate majors. Coursework examines theory, concepts and techniques, while using London as the subject matter on which practical projects are based. Particular emphasis is given to settings from children’s books. Students plan, des ...

Florida State University »  The Florida State University International Programs - English Literatu ...


Students majoring in English can study British literature at its source during the fall semester. They may choose among upper-division English courses specific to the English Literature program and from courses offered during the fall semester in the London Broad Curriculum Program. This allows them to progress toward their degrees on schedule, while gaining the immense benefits of the London experience. As they read works by writers such as Chau ...

Florida State University »  The Florida State University International Programs - International Af ...


This program is designed to add a study abroad dimension to The Florida State University’s baccalaureate and master’s degree programs in International Affairs. The program is exceptionally rigorous academically and is ideal for graduate students and those undergraduates who are seeking a very demanding yet extremely rewarding program. All courses offered count toward the International Affairs major and the International Affairs minor. Courses ...

Florida State University »  The Florida State University International Programs - Oxford Law Progr ...


Now in its 39th year, this is the oldest on-going program in Oxford that is sponsored by a U.S. law school. It provides a unique opportunity for students and practitioners to study comparative law and the history of the common law in its original setting. Participants reside at St. Edmund Hall, an Oxford University college, which traces its roots to the 13th century, when Edmund of Abingdon, monk and the subsequent Archbishop of Canterbury, is be ...

Florida State University »  The Florida State University International Programs - London Internshi ...


Internships are unpaid, full- or part-time work assignments in business, political, and professional settings for which students receive academic credit. Interns complete a personal journal, a summary report, and other academic requirements set by the supervising faculty member. Each placement is a challenging assignment, specifically designed to provide a meaningful academic experience. Internships are planned with, and guided by, a profe ...

Florida State University »  The Florida State University International Programs - Global Sport Man ...


For students at all levels pursuing a degree in sport management or a related field, study abroad adds a significant dimension to one’s career preparation. With courses covering topics such as international sport marketing and business, governance, socio-cultural issues, and facility and event management, students achieve an invaluable global perspective. Classroom discussions are augmented by presentations from sport industry professionals i ...

Florida State University »  The Florida State University International Programs - Communication


International study and immersion in another culture provide an inquiry-driven introduction to different perspectives, cultures and histories, as well as a valuable background for working in the global economy. This program offers students the unique opportunity to study communication and public speaking in one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in Europe. Studies focus on communication issues in Great Britain. Classroom lectures and pres ...

Florida State University »  The Florida State University International Programs - Communication Sc ...


Around the world, those who work with people who have speech and language problems go by different professional names and complete different professional training. Many treatment innovations for people who stutter, have autism, etc. have originated in London and the United Kingdom. Students who complete this program will learn about and observe clinical practices in the wondrous city of London. The Program in Communication Science and Disorders w ...

Florida State University »  The Florida State University International Programs - European & Briti ...


Whether a student’s interest is in the royal ceremonies of Westminster Abbey, the revolutionary fervor of the Place de la Bastille or the Cold War culture of Checkpoint Charlie, the European and British History Program has something for everyone. Designed to provide a unique opportunity to engage in primary research, attend small classes and conduct multiple academic site visits, this program will immerse students in the history and culture of mo ...

Florida State University »  The Florida State University International Programs - Psychology


Learn how the principles of Psychology apply in different cultures while living in London! This program allows students to experience British culture while offering two courses that are not available on the Tallahassee campus. Both of these courses count as 4000-level electives that can fulfill either psychology major or minor requirements. In addition to classroom meetings, the program leader will accompany students on planned excursions in Lond ...

Florida State University »  The Florida State University International Programs - Dramatic Writing ...


There isn’t a city in the world with a richer theatre tradition than London; nor a tradition so richly complemented by a vital contemporary theatre scene. Here you will find the traditional alongside the cutting edge, visit the renowned national companies (the National Theatre, the RSC) and be enthralled by the most exuberant experimental theatre, such as a promenade performance through a long-abandoned underground railway station. The Florida St ...

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