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International Internships, LLC:
Internships in Dublin

University/Organization:International Internships, LLC
  More Programmes from International Internships, LLC.
Contact Person: J.J. Hummon
Title:Executive Director
Address:PO Box 3604
 Placida, FL
Zip/Postal Code:34224
Email: Email School
Web URL:
Program Name: Internships in Dublin
Host City: Dublin
Description: An international internship in Dublin is a pre-professional, field-based experience designed to develop professional and cultural skills and to provide insight into one's personal and career goals. An international internship provides a unique opportunity to experience working life in another country and challenges preconceived notions of cultures and of the professional world. On-site staff is available 24/7 to assist you as you adjust to the pace and lifestyle in Ireland.

With International Internships, you will have an incredible opportunity to see the world through new eyes, immersed in a completely new environment and culture. This rare experience that you invest in will not just serve to enrich your résumé - it will give you international exposure and confidence and elevate your career aspirations to a new level. Our expertise, extensive networks, and dedication to offering interns a rewarding, personalized internship experience have resulted in extremely valuable International Intern experiences.

At International Internships we focus on quality over quantity. While some agencies may place you within a pre-determined field or organization that may be somewhat representative of your academic background, we exert the extra effort to merge your academic background and career goals. This customized placement ensures that your internship more completely focuses your academic background and gives you the career exposure you need before entering the full-time work force.

International Internships can provide you a remarkable opportunity to experience a foreign culture from a unique perspective. We currently offer 8-week summer internship placements that earn 8 semester-hour credits. Our internship placement teams work with 1400 students each year. We place students of most majors in an appropriate placement that matches their skills and academic requirements. See Employment Sectors. It is clear that internship opportunities overseas are scarce and highly regarded. We invite you to consider undertaking a practicum/ internship that will provide you an opportunity to both earn academic credit and experience in your field.
Program Type: Internship, Summer/Short-Term
Region: Ireland
  • Accounting
  • Acting
  • Administration (Hospitality, Tourism, Sports)
  • Administration (Recreation - Parks)
  • Administration - health
  • Administration - public
  • Agricultural Sciences and Agronomy (Soil Sciences)
  • Animal Sciences
  • Anthropology
  • Art conservation and restoration
  • Art History
  • Art/ Fine Arts
  • Banking
  • Biological sciences
  • Biology (General)
  • Business information technology
  • Business, Administration, Commerce, Management
  • Catering/catering management
  • Celtic studies
  • Communication studies
  • Communications (Journalism, Mass Media)
  • Computer Science
  • Criminal Justice
  • Criminology
  • Economics
  • Environmental Management
  • Environmental Studies
  • European studies
  • Fashion
  • Film
  • Finance
  • Food Science and Nutrition
  • Gaelic
  • Graphic Design
  • Health education/promotion
  • Health Sciences
  • Hospitality and catering
  • Hotel and reception hospitality
  • Human biology
  • Information technology
  • International Relations
  • International Studies
  • Irish Studies
  • Leisure/recreation management
  • Leisure/recreation studies
  • Leisure/travel/tourism
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Music technology/musical instruments
  • Nursing
  • Performance arts/studies
  • Photography
  • Physical/Occupational/Rehabilitation Therapy
  • Physiology
  • Policy studies
  • Political Science, Politics
  • Pre-Law
  • Psychology
  • Public Administration, Public Policy, Government
  • Public/environment health
  • Radio, Television and Film
  • Retail management
  • Science
  • Sports science/studies
  • Student Teaching
Scholarships: none
Transcripts from: Framingham State College
Cost: $65 non-refundable Application fee; Program fees vary with program length (USD)
Included in Cost:
  1. Customized Internship Placement
  2. Accommodation in Shared Apartment
  3. Arrangement of Required Internship Visa
  4. Airport Pickup in London
  5. Pre-departure Packet
  6. Orientation Session upon Arrival

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International Internships
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