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American InterContinental University:
AIU Study Abroad Interior Design in Florence!

University/Organization:American InterContinental University
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Contact Person: American InterContinental University
Title:AIU Study Abroad Programs - London
Address:3150 West Higgins Road
 Suite 105
 Hoffman Estates, IL
Zip/Postal Code:60195
Email: Email School
Web URL:
Program Name: AIU Study Abroad Interior Design in Florence!
Host City: Florence, Italy
Description: Gain insight into the artistic traditions of Tuscany and earn 10 quarter hours or 6 semester hours of academic credit! Travel to Florence, Italy with AIU for a glimpse into the cultural revolution known as the Renaissance, which has been expressed in the design of the city's architecture and interiors. This program is designed to give insight into the artistic traditions of Florence, through the exploration of the sumptuous villas and gardens built throughout the province of Tuscany during this time. AIU is accepting applications for this exciting program that can help prepare you for a career in the interior design field. Academic Program Format While in Florence, you are enrolled in two courses: INT 270A The Art, Architecture and Interiors of Florence Prerequisites: None This course examines the art and architecture that defined the Renaissance in Florence. Works of great Renaissance artists including Donatello, Masaccio and Brunelleschi are viewed. The course then analyzes how society evolved through the 16th century to shape and influence the interior and exterior buildings throughout Florence. INT 270B The Villas and Gardens of Tuscany Prerequisites: None This course explores the beauty of the region's villas and sculpted gardens. From the arcaded porches of private residences to the magnificent loggias of public squares, you can examine how the history of garden design evolved in line with other artistic developments of the same period.
Program Type:
Scholarships: Inquire for more details
Transcripts from: American InterContinental University
Cost: Inquire for details (USD)
Included in Cost: Cultural Activities – Beyond the Classroom You will be given access to cultural activities that are designed to complement your academic studies and provide an appreciation of Central Italy's cultural heritage. Program fee includes: Tuition and related fees for two classes. Apartment-style housing accommodations within central Florence (usually twin rooms with ensuite communal lounge and kitchen facilities) for the duration of the program. Full orientation program upon arrival in Florence. Academic visits. Cultural activities program.

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