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American InterContinental University:
AIU London MBA

University/Organization:American InterContinental University
  More Programmes from American InterContinental University.
Contact Person: AIU London
Title:AIU London Admissions
Address:110 Marylebone High Street
Zip/Postal Code:W1U 4RY
Email: Email School
Web URL:
Program Name: AIU London MBA
Host City: London
Description: Master of Business Administration in International Business
With advances in modern technology, today's marketplace is becoming more and more global. Companies that once confined their work to a local market are now doing business with suppliers and customers around the world. To remain competitive, these companies are increasingly turning to leaders with relevant knowledge, experience and training in international business practices.
The Master of Business Administration (MBA) in International Business degree program is designed to prepare students to develop the managerial skills and professional competencies needed to compete in today's increasingly global markets. This program can equip students with the specialized knowledge and industry insights to either advance in their chosen careers or to change professional directions.

Career Opportunities

The MBA in International Business can help prepare students interested in developing and advancing a career* as a:

  • Finance Director
  • Senior Marketing Manager
  • International Entrepreneur
  • International Business Manager
  • Corporate Analyst
  • Investment Analyst
  • Human Resource Manager
  • General Manager
  • Financial Consultant
  • Marketing Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Strategy Adviser
  • Cultural Attaché
  • International Business Forecaster

    * Additional experience may be required for some positions.

    Challenging, Relevant Coursework
    The MBA in International Business features industry-relevant coursework taught by faculty members with real-world experience in the field. Some of the key topics addressed in this degree program include corporate and international finance, organizational behavior and human resource management, market research and analysis, strategic management, and quantitative business methods and information technology.

    Students who successfully complete the program should be able to:
  • Comprehensively and accurately analyze business and management.
  • Manage people in organizations with a full appreciation of how the management process is shaped by individual, interpersonal, group and organizational influences on behavior.
  • Apply key techniques of accounting and financial management.
  • Appreciate the nature and role of IT infrastructure provision, databases and effective information systems.
  • Assess the influences of markets, business structures, economic decision-making and government economic policy upon their firm.
  • Work effectively with a team either as a member or as a leader.
  • Use a wide range of types of information, information sources and methodologies in undertaking research tasks with minimum guidance.
  • Reflect critically on their own and others' functioning as a practitioner.
  • Communicate effectively and confidently with others in both written and spoken form.
  • Operate in complex and unpredictable management environments with a critical awareness of good practice.
  • Exercise autonomy and responsibility in professional practice.
  • Program Type: Full Degree - Master's
    Region: London
    • Accounting
    • Arts management
    • Business, Administration, Commerce, Management
    • E-commerce
    • Economics
    • Finance
    • Health and safety management
    • International Relations
    • International Studies
    • Marketing
    • Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations
    • Operations management
    • Organisation studies/operations research
    • Property and estate management
    • Public Administration, Public Policy, Government
    • Retail management
    • Statistics
    Transcripts from:
    Cost: ()
    Included in Cost:

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